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Module Rover

The Rover Module searches for vulnerabilities going further, arriving at a detailed assessment of every single service and criticality present in the system to be analyzed.
Using the one-by-one manual control, our technicians will use every available tool to elaborate a report and an action plan consistent with the criticalities detected.

By combining the Rover Module with the Defense Modules, customized, safe solutions can be obtained and efficient that allow to solve and/or mitigate the problem at the root.

This Module is designed for more structured companies, which want to combine the concept of Information Security with their Business.

What should you do?

Contact us , this is the first fundamental step to start a journey towards greater security. Scroll for additional information.

Here's how to contact us!

Getting information or learning more about our modules is really simple:

1. Contact us to get a free appointment with our technicians
2. Make yourself available in this appointment for a free checklist, perhaps even involving your trusted technician
3. We will then elaborate a personalized resolutive estimate using the information that emerged from the inspection, divided into risk factors (from the most critical to the less serious) or by the needs exposed (services, configurations, requests).

You will therefore be free to evaluate and choose from the Modules proposed, the one you consider to be the best situation for you, always taking into account any risk factors reported.

Finally, you can contact us by sending an email

If you want to experiment with new technologies, you can also contact us in the Fediverse or on the Matrix! Our links in the footer.


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