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The concept of security starts with the CPU

The "hidden" story

In 2006, processor manufacturers such as Intel began installing a series of self-contained "micro-environments" (Intel ME, AMD PSP) of unknown targets into their products.
Several vulnerability tests have shown that these subsystems can in specific ways provide access to third parties and can read the memory in use (compromising encryption, password and alternative security keys).
From this arises the desire to disable this mechanism that violates every principle and right to privacy.

The solution

Official logo of Libreboot, free in freedom BIOS derived from Coreboot

me_cleaner is the tool, initially created by Nicola Corna, which allows you to partially or totally disable the backdoor.
We also suggest replacing the OEM BIOS with Libreboot, the free BIOS, based on Coreboot.

The removal tool is not completely finished on the most modern CPUs, having changed the structure of the same. Our suggestion is to contact us to help you on how to intervene.

Current companies and resellers starting to support Libreboot/Coreboot natively or offering installation services are Purism, System76, Ministry Of Freedom and Dell.